Wednesday, November 6, 2019

buy custom The External Auditors essay

buy custom The External Auditors essay An external auditor is a professional who performs financial audit of the financial state of the company. The external auditor is independent from the company of which he or she is performing the audit. What is the year-end? This is the end of every financial or accounting year. It does not matter what time of the year because it can be in February or July. How is revenue recognized? Revenue is realized after the calculation of all the goods or services sold by the company at the year end. How is inventory valued? The inventory is valued based on the costs of the goods and the purchase price of the inventory in the market. How is property and equipment amortized? Amortisation of the property and equipment is done based on the improvements made to the assets and the market price of the assets. Additionally, the useful value of the product is also calculted. What is the value of accumulated amortization? 70.8 million dollars What is Jean Coutus authorized share capital? 118,916,582 class A shares 117,385,000 class B shares How many common shares are issued? 229,792,498 common shares What is the total dollar value of the common shares? 2.51 dollars per share What is the basic earnings per share? 614,400,000/118,916,582= 5.17 dollars per share How much cash was provided or used in operating activities? 2,321,700,000 dollars What was the value of property and equipment purchased? 564,400,000-528,400,000=36,000,000 What Canadian company is Jean Coutus main competitor? Shoppers Drug Mart What is Jean Coutus most recent market price per share? 0.77 dollarsWhat are Jean Coutus most recent price-earnings? 0.77 dollarsWhat are the following values in 2011 for Jean Coutu; (a) Current ratio 380,700,000/255300000=1.5 (b) Asset turnover 2,597,800,000/1045400000=2.48 (c) Interest coverage 100.15 (d) Return on common shareholders equity 33.19 (e) Return on assets (180,200,000+100000)/1045400000=0.27 (f) Profit margin For the ratios in part C above (a-f) what are the industry values? How do Jean Coutus ratios compare to the industry? a) Current ratio b) Asset turnover c) Interest coverage d) Return on common shareholders equity e) Return on assets f) Profit margin As compared to the other industry, Jean Coutu's ratio is performing better. It has good pricing strategies. Buy custom The External Auditors essay

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