Thursday, August 1, 2019

Business Writing: Memoranda Essay

Currently, our policy provides for three kinds of leaves – Vacation Leave, Sick Leave and Bereavement Leave. There is no provision for Emergency Leaves and are deducted on a â€Å"no work, no pay† basis. For those who do not want outright deduction, consideration is given such that, upon request, these are deducted later and applied under our Sick Leave policy rule. In consideration of a request formalized through our Suggestion Box regarding absences which have to be taken due to an emergency, we are pleased to advise you that the following adjustment in the Personnel Policies of Smith, Smith and Smith regarding Vacation Leaves will be made effective from 01 October 2006: ARTICLE 7 VACATION LEAVE The Company shall grant an Annual Vacation Leave with pay of 30 days per calendar year for all regular employees who have rendered one (1) full year of continuous service. A maximum of five (5) days out of these 30 days can be applied as Emergency Leave. An Emergency Leave is defined as leave taken due to unforeseen circumstances such as sickness in the family limited to spouse, children, parents, grandparents, siblings or parents-in-law and events due to force majeure. However, if the said employee entitled thereto fails to use the same vacation leave within a year, she/he shall forfeit the same Vacation Leave. Moreover, any leaves taken beyond what is provided shall be on a no work, no pay basis. If the employee is prevented by the company from taking leave, this rule shall not be applicable. Furthermore, management reserves the right to put any employee on forced vacation leave to give effect thereto. We trust that the above addresses one of our common concerns. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

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