Monday, August 19, 2019

Essay --

Everything we need is in our daily life is based on demand and supply. The country is based on the effects of both demand and supply. Whenever demand is affected it lead to shortage of various needs that are in demand and whenever supply is affected it leads to shortage of supply in the country’s economy. Moreover the things we need in our daily life is also affected on both demand and supply. Demand leads to the total quantity on goods or services that are needed to buy various commodities and supply is the quantity of goods and services business will make available to make profits. Thus in our daily life everything is based on the demand and supply from a small commodity to a large corporations. Moreover the company’s shares or bonds are also based on the effect off demand and supply. Lower the demand will be the lower price of goods and services and vice-versa. And higher the supply will lead to high price of goods and services. Demand lowers supply in a simple case price of each and every commodity will be affected by demand and supply. Whenever the demand change it will lead to change in the taste of the customer and will lead to change in the taste of fashion for customers, also lead to change in price of related goods i.e goods are not related with each other thus they are of different taste of preference is different. Change in demand will lead to change in number of buyers of economy because when demand changes or exceeds it leads to increase in number of commodity and whenever demand lowers it leads to increase in prices of goods and services. For instance – The price of canada’s farmland is rising on strong demand so that this will increase the number of buyers for various reasons and there will be effect on price of va..., still moving ahead throughout some days so this increase the demand and supply issue to much extent as both are affected through same number of days with most of the important content with demand and supply related issues. After this we can also bring up after several years of back to back record settings gains. Some investment funds which have already been scaled back on the purchases and are still moving ahead but at a more cautious pace. Both demand and supply are now most important thing that constitutes the world of and economy as most of the economy is dependent upon the demand and supply affect but prices of farmland are rising on strong demand and supply effect. So in Canada now according to other countries demand of particular goods have been increased related to others in the economy. Thus price of demand and supply is related to price in the economy.

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