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Government Regulations and Standards That Affect the Policy and Target Population Essay Example for Free

Government Regulations and Standards That Affect the Policy and ass Population EssayUse the information you gathered for the Week Two assignment and research regime regulations and standards that affect the policy and target commonwealth you chose. You can research your give ins legislative segment or the Web sites listed in Appendix G, for example, for laws, regulations, and standards affecting human service organizations. Describe the current political sympathies regulations or standards you researched. What kind of impact do these regulations or standards take a leak on your issue and target world?Identify obstacles that would prevent you from meeting the needs of your target population. Consider future trends and changes to social policy that may be necessary in order for your issue to be resolved or for the target population to have its needs satisfied. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in APA format, with references, summarizing your research results. Post your pap er as a Microsoft Word attachment. Due Day 7 moolah Works and the Department of Human Resources ar both government funded agencies to assist those in the state of Michigan that are in need of introductory survival needs.Both of these agencies work together to protagonist families get back on track to bind themselves and develop a better understanding of how to assist themselves. Under the Department of Human Resources (DHS), the regulations to obtain notes assistance or welfare, from the State, the individual needs to attend the Michigan Works program to seek trading (to get off the welfare). Due to major cuts last year, the state has made reformed decisions on slipway of obtaining serve up from the state.Family Independence Program (FIP) also known as cash in assistance in the state of Michigan requires the applicants to sign up for the JET program (Jobs, Education and Training) through Michigan Works. The main refinement of FIP is to help families become self-supportin g and independent. FIP is temporary cash assistance for low-income families with minor children and pregnant women. FIP helps them pay for living expenses such as rent, heat, utilities, clothing, food and personal address items.Recently, the eligibility requirements have gotten tighter. There is a 48 calendar month lifetime limit now, in which thousands lost their assistance last October. Also to qualify for FIP, children must be under the age of 18, or a high school student age 18. The childs parents, stepparents, and siblings who live together normally make up the FIP group. A relative acting as a parent or legal guardians may be included in the group if the parent is not in the home.A person can sometimes be eligible for FIP when there is no child in the group, such as a pregnant woman, or parents whose child is in foster care but is judge to return home within one year. Only U. S. citizens are eligible for FIP and must only have up to $3,000 in summations. And with assets s uch as your vehicles and personal belongings are not counted. The property asset limit is $500,000. The state allow for step in also if one of the parents in not on the same case as the child which would require a support statement through the courts (child support).Finally, anyone who receives cash assistance must attend the JET program to ensure that individual is seeking employment weekly. each programs are there for those who As for policies of FIP, this policy is necessary to ensure that Michigans limited resources are available to help those truly in needs that require a hand-up on the road to self-sufficiency. The State of Michigan has a number of programs available to help recipients step toward independence. Many of these programs focus specifically on the welfare of children ensured for their health, care and development.Those programs include Medicaid, Food and Rent Assistance, Child Developmental Care, WIC, MiChild, Step Forward Michigan, Childrens Special health Serv ices, Michigan Works, Vaccines for Children, Child and Adolescent Health Center Program, Maternity Outpatient Medical Services, State Emergency Relief. The tutelage for Michigan Works is to provide leadership and work, and promote quality and excellence for the advancement of Michigans Workforce Development System and its customers and professionals. Michigan Works Association was established in 1987 to provide services and support to Michigans Workforce Development System.Michigan Works Agencies assist job seekers and employers in their communities. While each agency is unique, all 25 Michigan Works Agencies share several key qualities Locally-responsive and demand-driven, Governed by a Workforce Development Board comprised of private sector representatives and Local Elected Officials, exit access to a full range of core employment-related services to help businesses find the skilled workers they need, and help job seekers find satisfying careers. Their policies are to educate, train and help obtain employment for anyone who needs it.DHS will designate individuals to Michigan Works to help individuals gain independence and not have to receive welfare. Michigan Works Association builds and maintains strong relationships with legislators and advocates on behalf of the Michigan Works System. Through the Association, members can access timely, pertinent professional development opportunities to ensure high-quality programs and service delivery to all customers. The Association also convenes meetings as a way for members to network and share best practices, and coordinates events to promote the Michigan Works System.

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