Friday, April 19, 2019

See details box Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

See details box - Essay ExampleThe almost important part of be a student was to keep up with the pace of teachers and peers. Since I am a working stimulate who is pursuing for higher education and license in nursing therefore timely submissions, daily trounce revisions, group studies, assignments and quizzes were difficult to handle. However, if I look back I believe that these college years taught me how to thrive in difficult situations. One of the most important skills that I have developed is multi-tasking. Keeping priorities known and playacting them accordingly helped me greatly in keeping my commitments as a student. Exercising multitasking does not necessarily meaning having a long list of to-dos followed by performing those tasks one by one. Instead it means identifying the most important tasks and putting them on top of the list while low priority tasks can be adjusted in the routine.One of the difficulties that I faced during my college life was effective time manage ment. Despite the situation that I was aware of prioritization and had tried hard to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, keeping track of time and merging deadlines was always an issue. Since I am a full-time nurse with two children, time management was my biggest dumbfound in college years. Other than that, continuous travelling between work place, college and home along with managing professional and ad hominem commitments posed a big difficulty at times. However, these college years taught me to handle more in a limited time and look for suitable alternatives that may serve the purpose such as having day care near my college and also forming alliance with my partner to take care of children.During the college years, there was a never closing list of assignments, class room tests, discussions, team meetings and not the least, surprise quizzes that had share in overall grades. In order to make my professional profile look better, it was important for me to secure reasonable grades which obviously undeniable

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