Thursday, May 30, 2019

Peer To Peer Piracy :: File Sharing Network MP3

Peer To Peer Piracy E really cardinal loves good tunes, and thats okay. In this media heavy society, everyone has a favorite type of medicinal drug, or a favorite artist. However, expanding ones horizons in music beyond mainstream was terribly expensive, until Napster. Napster, Shawn Fannings brainchild, was a revolution. People began trading music over the internet through ally to peer file sharing, and next thing you know, everyone could have thousands and thousands of songs. Napster had shown a society a method for getting what they wanted, for free. It was only a matter of time until users started trading a lot more than just music movies, software, and games were all in demand. Napster was formulated off of a simple concept of sharing music, but it turned bulge out to be revolutionary by becoming a catalyst to a much larger peer to peer pirating system. Napster helped figurer literate users share music through a system of baroning. When a user logged on, the users computer would send data with which mp3s, or songs, were in their predestinated shared folder to the index computer. The index computer would then tell that user where other files were stored over the network, on other users computers. With this system, a user could download an finished album of Jimi Hendrix from another user either two states away, or two doors down. Since Napster only dealt in mp3 files, it was targeted by the music companies, who sued until it Shawn had to take down the Central index number Server. It was replaced though, by networks like Gnutella which use a referral system. When one computer comes onto the Gnutella network, it finds another computer on the network, and introduces itself. Then, like a spreading rumor, the word gets around the network. The computer that just learned tells 8 others about the new one, then those 8 tell 7 more about the new one, and so on. This way, each guest has a larger number of other clients who kno w it is online and what content it has available (Wikipedia). However, without a main server to regulate, users could distribute whatever they wanted. Software piracy was very prominent. Any user could punch in the search terms AutoCAD and download a thousand dollar program for free.

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